River of Life Worship Center Logo

River of Life Worship Center is a Pentecostal Church. The logo depicts both, hands reaching for God and a dove, the Christian symbol for the Holy Spirit.


Logo design Wichita, KS


Conceptual logo design


Church logo design

Myron Mixon is definitely different.
Logo design and celebrity brand development for Myron Mixon, the three time BBQ World Champion. Myron Mixon is the featured BBQ Pitmaster on the TLC television network. His personality and television presents has made him a desired celebrity spokesperson. We are developing initial brand positioning, brand platform, logo design and website design and development for Myron Mixon.Developing a logo design that projects the personality of Myron Mixon. He is a true Southern character but as smart, knowledgable and talented in the realm of BBQ companions and lifestyle as anyone in the world. Myron Mixon is unique and naturally steps into the 'white space" in the BBQ category. Therefore, we are focused on developing the character, personality and emotional element of his brand.


After logo design and website design discussion, Myron Mixon at his New York City publicist office showing off his championship ring.


Logo design and website design meeting with Myron Mixon at Keen Steakhouse in New York City.Keen Steakhouse.


After logo design and website design meeting Myron Mixon and Tracy Holdeman pose for photo.


New York City publicist office kitchen back-splash and utensil holder.Close up of kitchen back-splash made of old pots and stuff.

Craig Sharp Homes Wichita Area Home Builder

Craig Sharp Homes is a home builder in the Wichita area. The logo design is two home shapes intertwined to make an 'S". Website.


Wichita area logo design


Initial logo design


Home builder logo design

Wichita logo design is the website of Tracy Holdeman, one of the top logo designers in the U.S. The Wichita logo designs are some of wichita's most recognized logo designs and some of the companies have grown from start-ups to multimillion dollar businesses. Tracy believes that for logo designs different is good. Different and relevant is even better. These Wichita brands have shared a vision and success with Tracy and Insight Design Studio.   


Tracy and his team create complete brand solutions from nothing to Logo Design & Brand Identity, Logo Design, Brand Promise, Brand Positioning, Corporate Identity, Complete Brand Identity, Brand Guide Identity Manual, Naming, Tagline Development, Brand Architecture.   


Tracy's logo designs have been awarded the highest international honors for more than a decade. These are only a few of his Wichita favorites.   



Wichita logo design #1 favorite.

Beyond Napa at Rock Island Studios, 338 N. Mead(Old Town Square), Wichita, KS 67202 Ph: 316.260.9920

Wichita logo design by Tracy Holdeman



Wichita logo design #2 favorite.
Fresh Paint, Linnette Lee, Wichita, Kansas, 316.734.3936

Wichita logo design by Tracy Holdeman



Wichita logo design #3 favorite. 
Tanya's Soup Kitchen, 1725 E Douglas Ave  Wichita, KS 67211 (316) 267-7687

Wichita logo design by Tracy Holdeman



Wichita logo design #4 favorite. 
Prairie Print Screen Printer, 3748 N Ohio St  Wichita, KS 67219 (316) 267-1950  

Wichita logo design by Tracy Holdeman



Wichita logo design #5 favorite. 
Insight Design Communications, 700 S Marcilene Terrace  Wichita, KS 67218 (316) 262-0085

Wichita logo design by Tracy Holdeman


Those are the top 5 Wichita logo designs by Tracy Holdeman
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