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Oklahoma City

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60 logos in sixty seconds Volume 1" is a sampling of some of Tracy Holdeman's logo design work. Tracy is one of the top logo designers in the U.S.A. working from his Wichita KS studio. Tracy develops many logo designs for all kinds of entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and large corporations. His work crosses a wide array of genres from illustrative to simple and conceptual. Tracy believes that one style does not fit all companies. He fits his style to the target markets, the brand promise, the brand positioning and the intellectual property, product or service. Once more, Tracy unifies style, meaning, visual content, messaging, positioning into one distinctive visual, the most salient communication, uniquely visualized. Different is good. Different and relevant is great. Different, Relevant, and perfectly designed is the best way to engage consumers in a world overflowing with marketing messages. Steve Cranford, CEO of Whisper New York, a brand consultancy, says, " Tracy summons forth uniquely relevant images that both differentiate and communicate, his is a rare talent.

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Tracy's logo design, brand identity and website design work has been recognized for numerous international and national awards. His work has been honored with over 100 prestigious awards including Graphis, Communications Arts, How and Print to name a few. His brand identity and corporate identity design has been seen from Asia to the Middle-East, Europe to the US. and from New York to San Francisco and all parts in between. His clients are from across the US including Dallas, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; Denver, Colorado; Los Angels, California; New York, New York;, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Wichita, Kansas and Chicago; Illinois to name a few.  His logo design and brand identity work encompasses all types of clients and industries consisting of; aerospace, aircraft manufacturers, restaurants, retail food products, education, healthcare, banking, arts, sports, legal, animal care, youth and children's services and products, business and professional services and more. Tracy says of his process and logo and brand design, "My work is equal parts strategically thoughtful and artistically expressive. It's the unification of the two where images become iconic."

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The only way to cut through a world of overwhelming choices and the on-slot of marketing and branding messages is to be Different. Different is good. Different and relevant is great. Different, Relevant, and perfectly designed is how great brands engage consumers.  Tracy and his team's website design services are built on strategic branding and engagement principles. Getting the consumer to notice you, to be interested in you and to engage your brand is what we do. Call Tracy at 316 262 0085 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a conversation of fill out one of our online forms to get a logo design or website design estimate.



Website design Wichita, KS


CMS website design


Variety of website design
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Logo Design Oklahoma City Services and Capabilities

Logo Design & Brand Identity

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Positioning
  • Corporate Identity
  • Complete Brand Identity
  • Brand Guide
  • Identity Manual
  • Graphic Design
  • Naming
  • Tagline Development
  • Brand Architecture

Graphic Design

  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Letterhead & Envelopes
  • Presentation Folders
  • Brochures
  • Package Design
  • Brand Packaging
  • Illustration
  • Scales Sheets
  • Icon Design
  • Product Design
  • Campaign Materials & Signage
  • Direct Mail & Postcards

Environmental Design

  • Signage
  • Billboard
  • Posters & Banners
  • Vehicle Wrap Design
  • Window Graphics
  • Retail Point of Purchase (POP)
  • Storefront Design
  • In-store Product Placement & Layout
  • Endcap Design
  • Mural & Retail Wall Design
  • LED Lightboard Design
  • Stadium & Sports Sponsorship
  • Freestanding Signage

Web Development

  • Web Design
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Content Mangagement Systems (CMS)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Editing, Management & Consultation
  • Blog Creation
  • Banner Ad Creation
  • Website Marketing
  • Website & Domain Administration
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Beyond Napa logo design

    Beyond Napa logo design

    Beyond Napa is a Wine and Wine Accessory Boutique in the Old Town district of Wichita, Kansas. The boutique sells wine by the bottle and wine accessories which is reflected in the logo design. A cork screw, that also looks like a grape vine, is twisting into a graphic representation of grapes. The brand logo communicates wine but also wine accessories all in one instant visual. The Beyond Napa logo design is an international award winning logo design that will appear in Graphis Logo 8. See Beyond Napa










    Wichita logo design


    Conceptual logo design


    Food and beverage logo design
  • generationOn logo design

    generationOn logo design

    generationOn is a new movement igniting the power and potential of all young people to create more good in their lives and the lives of others. Newly created within the Points of Light Institute, generationOn will be the largest youth volunteer action organization in the nation.The logo depicts a fingerprint on the world. The tagline says it all to parents, school administrators, teachers and kids ages 4 through 16, “Make your mark on the world”. See generationOn in use










    New York logo design


    Illustrative logo design


    Nonprofit logo design
  • River of Life Worship Center Logo

    River of Life Worship Center Logo

    The River of Life Worship Center church is a Pentecostal church and community center known for the raising of hands in the worship of GOD.


    The church logo is an extremely unique visual where one image can be seen as two different ideas. The logo at one look is hands raised to the Heavens reaching for GOD. With another look the logo is the Christian symbol for the Holy Spirit, a dove. Specifically within the Pentecostal beliefs the dove is associated with baptism, of which water is used. Moreover, the two images tell the story of conversion. The hands reaching to GOD become filled with the Holy Spirit, the image of the dove. The conversion, being filled with the Holy Spirit is The River of Life. The River of Life logo is an international award winning logo design that will appear in Graphis Logo 8.



    Logo design Wichita area


    Conceptual logo design


    Church logo design
  • Lost Art Development Company logo

    Lost Art Development Company logo

    Lost Art Development Co.: Wholesaler of Home Decor, Garden Decor and Gift Products for Retail


    Lost Art Development Co. searches the U.S. and beyond for unique artist who’s art will translate into retail products.


    The Lost Art Development Co. is an international award winning logo design that will appear in Graphic Logo 8.










    Logo design Wichita Kansas


    Illustrative logo design


    Arts logo design
  • Catalyst Marketing logo design

    Catalyst Marketing logo design

    Business Sales for the Industrial MarketCatalyst Marketing jump starts or re-starts industrial businesses with aggressive sales assistance.


    The gear is jump starting, igniting with a jolt of torque. The flame/saw blade gives the image an aggressive edge to mirror the companies approach.


    The gear and saw blade both communicate that Catalyst Marketing’s focus is on the industrial market.


    The letter “C” (for Catalyst) is in the gear.






    Wichita logo design


    Conceptual logo design


    Marketing logo design
  • Golf logo design

    Golf logo design

    Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café Chain: Golf Tournament LogoCarlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Cafe is a 7 state regional restaurant chain. It is both, a Mexican cafe and an Irish bar.The Carlos O’Kelly’s golf tournament is no championship. It’s just a fun time for vendors and employees. So we made a serious “Golf Championship’ logo to be funny. This golf logo design is an international award winning logo design that will appear in "Logo and Letterhead 12.











    Logo design Wichita, KS


    Crest logo design


    Sports logo design

Logo Design Oklahoma City


Oklahoma City is a great American city. Oklahoma City is unlike any other city in the world. Born in a single day at the sound of a gunshot and OKC was settled by a historic land run. Oklahoma City has an attitude that all things are possible if people are willing to take a chance and embrace the future without hesitation or reservation. That same spirit lives today as the city undergoes a renaissance. Public and private partnerships over the last 10 years have dramatically transformed the face of the city, staking a claim for the future as a pre-eminent American city. Business and community leaders worked together to accomplish a vision that is driving Oklahoma City forward. Our leaders and citizens had a far-reaching idea that's led Oklahoma City into a new frontier of urban innovation. Oklahoma City's billion-dollar renaissance has seen amazing changes and improvements across nearly every sector. Significant downtown business development has accompanied the renovation of convention, cultural and educational sites.Today, Oklahoma City stands as a living monument to the great people of Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City offers everything you look for in a modern community - abundance of the arts, good health care, excellence in education and more. And it does so without high costs, energy shortages, smog or traffic congestion. It is a distinctly livable city where you can chase your business dreams and still enjoy a rich quality of life.


We do not make a practice of buying and reselling printing. We believe that you are better served by establishing a relationship with a local printer. You will save money and you will be able to order reprints of your projects when you need them. There are a variety of different sized printing companies in the Oklahoma City area. For your convenience, we've compiled a partial listing below. We are capable of working with the printing company of your choice. If haven't chosen a company, we'll be happy to be help you in making that decision, too.


Ace Book Bindery Co

2618 N Classen Blvd

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 525-8888

Action Printing Co

1429 W Main St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 235-5956

Archer Printing Inc

320 NW 10th St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 236-1607

Art Trends Inc

1209 NW 5th St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 236-1862

Blue-Jay Cards

109 E Madison Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 634-7144

Bowne Financial Print

4901 Richmond Sq # 104

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 840-5904

Business Cards & More

2920 N Pennsylvania Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 528-0821

Business Cards Tomorrow Inc

7701 Broadway Ext # A3

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 842-0516

Cherokee Color Corporation

5925 N Robinson Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 843-1133

Clark Printing Co

109 E Madison Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 528-4486

Classic Printing Inc

2464 NW 39th Ter

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 524-6889

Copy Fast Printing

3629 NW 50th St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 947-7468

Digi Print

4222 N May Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 947-0099

Direct Mail Printing Services Inc

901 N Virginia Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 235-3596

FedEx Office Print Center

2601 W Memorial Rd

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 749-8775

FedEx Office Print Center

2125 NW 23rd St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 528-7955

FedEx Office Print Center

1200 S Air Depot Blvd # Z

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 732-1094

Good Printing Co

1201 N Harvey Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 235-9593

Green's Graphix

1000 SW 2nd St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 232-2323

High Performance Printing

5906 SE 15th St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 741-0835

Hipsley Litho & Printing Co

313 NE 36th St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 528-2686

IKON Business Services

1231 Sovereign Row

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 946-9555

IKON Office Solutions Inc

101 N Robinson Ave # 510

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 232-3141

Image Color Press

4209 S Robinson Ave,

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 632-9905

King Graphics Inc

1821 Linwood Blvd

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 232-2369

Kwik Kopy Printing

4538 NW 50th St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 787-9782

Mattocks Printing Company LLC

325 N Service Rd

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 794-2307

Midwest Copy

7031 E Reno Ave,

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 737-8311

Minuteman Press

409 N Meridian Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 942-5595

National Web Envelope Corp

1601 NW 3rd St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 235-5526

Oklahoma Bindery Inc

2832 W Lindley Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 235-4802

P M Graphics

11901 SE 157th St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 525-8789

Pg13 Graphics

7421 NW 84th St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 721-7120

Presort First Class

2621 Se 15th St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 677-9633

Print Imaging Group

607 N Western Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 235-4888

Printers of Oklahoma

1601 N Portland Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 943-8855

Prism Color Press

1811 NW 1st St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 232-1774

Quik Print

3401 NW Expressway St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 840-3275

Quik Print

2501 N Classen Blvd

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 521-9641

Quik Print

406 NW 23rd St

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 528-7976

Quik Print

119 N Robinson Ave # 100

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 232-7579

Rio Press

706 W California Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 218-4444

Royal Printing Co

1830 NW 4th Dr

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 235-8581

Scott's Printing & Copying

1 N Hudson Ave # 190

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 236-0821

Single Source Inc

7801 N Robinson Ave # D3

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 843-0338

Sprint Print

2422 N Robinson Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 524-7737

TNT Print

2500 SW 14th Street

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 239-7392

Unity Press Inc

2737 W California Ave

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 232-8910

Oklahoma City Small Business News