Wichita logo design is the website of Tracy Holdeman, one of the top logo designers in the U.S. The Wichita logo designs are some of wichita's most recognized logo designs and some of the companies have grown from start-ups to multimillion dollar businesses. Tracy believes that for logo designs different is good. Different and relevant is even better. These Wichita brands have shared a vision and success with Tracy and Insight Design Studio.   


Tracy and his team create complete brand solutions from nothing to Logo Design & Brand Identity, Logo Design, Brand Promise, Brand Positioning, Corporate Identity, Complete Brand Identity, Brand Guide Identity Manual, Naming, Tagline Development, Brand Architecture.   


Tracy's logo designs have been awarded the highest international honors for more than a decade. These are only a few of his Wichita favorites.   



Wichita logo design #1 favorite.

Beyond Napa at Rock Island Studios, 338 N. Mead(Old Town Square), Wichita, KS 67202 Ph: 316.260.9920

Wichita logo design by Tracy Holdeman



Wichita logo design #2 favorite.
Fresh Paint, Linnette Lee, Wichita, Kansas, 316.734.3936

Wichita logo design by Tracy Holdeman



Wichita logo design #3 favorite. 
Tanya's Soup Kitchen, 1725 E Douglas Ave  Wichita, KS 67211 (316) 267-7687

Wichita logo design by Tracy Holdeman



Wichita logo design #4 favorite. 
Prairie Print Screen Printer, 3748 N Ohio St  Wichita, KS 67219 (316) 267-1950  

Wichita logo design by Tracy Holdeman



Wichita logo design #5 favorite. 
Insight Design Communications, 700 S Marcilene Terrace  Wichita, KS 67218 (316) 262-0085

Wichita logo design by Tracy Holdeman


Those are the top 5 Wichita logo designs by Tracy Holdeman

Myron Mixon is definitely different.
Logo design and celebrity brand development for Myron Mixon, the three time BBQ World Champion. Myron Mixon is the featured BBQ Pitmaster on the TLC television network. His personality and television presents has made him a desired celebrity spokesperson. We are developing initial brand positioning, brand platform, logo design and website design and development for Myron Mixon.Developing a logo design that projects the personality of Myron Mixon. He is a true Southern character but as smart, knowledgable and talented in the realm of BBQ companions and lifestyle as anyone in the world. Myron Mixon is unique and naturally steps into the 'white space" in the BBQ category. Therefore, we are focused on developing the character, personality and emotional element of his brand.


After logo design and website design discussion, Myron Mixon at his New York City publicist office showing off his championship ring.


Logo design and website design meeting with Myron Mixon at Keen Steakhouse in New York City.Keen Steakhouse.


After logo design and website design meeting Myron Mixon and Tracy Holdeman pose for photo.


New York City publicist office kitchen back-splash and utensil holder.Close up of kitchen back-splash made of old pots and stuff.

Logo design is my normal activity when I'm in New York City and this time was no exception. On this business trip to NYC I met with Myron Mixon, a different kind of client, the three time world BBQ champion, to finalize the details of his logo design and website design. But I also got to have some fun too. Just walking through the NYC streets is an adventure and taxi rides are always entertaining but one of my favorite experiences was MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. 99% of all tourist places disappoint but MoMA was amazing. My jaw hung open most of my time in the museum. World famous art, after world famous art absolutely blew me away. See the photos….




Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.
It was actually sloppy, not even finished to the edges. Made me wider if that could be used to give a logo design or website design a more spontaneous feel.




Pablo Picasso's Guitar is attached with straight pins.


This all reminded me that 'Different is Good", really good.

I was asked to set in at Parsons School of Visual Art and Design in NYC.


The school had an energetic vibe. The class discussions revolved around the importance of difference with logo design, website design and brand development. The student brought a naive viewpoint and interjected some interesting thoughts and they could understand the conversation well. The conversation about logo design, website design and development revolved around a set of ideas... All clients have a unique fingerprint, a unique story. Finding what is different with each clients', logo design, website design and brand is the key. Different is good. Different is what gets images, and ideas noticed. Have you ever heard of the same thing, the ordinary, being noteworthy? Have you ever heard someone say, "The logo design was so memorable because it blended into the crowd?" You never will either. Different is what defines one idea from another, one logo from another, one website from another. Different is what makes anything memorable. Different alone will not effect a real change for any business. The key to marketing is finding the white space, defining what a business does best and finding its own unique place in the marketplace. Then defining it in a relevant and engaging way, as in logo design, website design and branding. The young minds full of innocence and excitement and expensive fashions was invigorating and fun to see. I was even impressed with the uniqueness and artistry of some of the students work. Even the simple assignment of a self portrait using a grid seemed to truly inspire some of the students.


Thank You to, School of Visual Arts | Eugene Lang College in New York City


Self portrait illustration made of typography.


Self portrait illustration made of typography close up.


Self portrait signature made of unique typography.


Self portrait illustration with surprising color.


Self portrait illustration using dots.Self portrait illustration using dots close up.


Self portrait illustration using dots.Self portrait illustration using dots close up.

Website design and development can be constructed in virtually any look or format but, if you want great search results "different" can be bad. Normally, "different" is good for any kind of design including logo design and website design. 'Different" is what gets your logo design or website design noticed over the compatition. "Different" is what helps your brand connect with consumers in a unique and lasting way. But, search engines like website designs, website architecture and website structures to follow a specific outline. If your website design steps outside of the perscribed search engine ideals your website will suffer in low organic search results. The ideal website design should appear unique in design and relevant in content but also stay within the guidelines search engines prefer. Also, the content of the best website design would include discriptive keyword terms. For example, for a blog that wanted to attract customers in need of website design it should include the term "website design" but even better would be to narrow the search terms. For example the term "website design wichita" would narrow the search from a global one to a local one resulting in more visitors to your website. So "different" is good if it stays within the ideal website design paramitors.


Website Design for Larkspur Restaurant


'Different" website design with great SEO.

This website design is unique and relevant and also is number 5 for search results "Wichita Restaurant".

Website Design Larkspur Bistro Wichita, KS.


Website Design Wichita Area


The ICM website design is almost 100 pages.

This website design had even greater limitations to accomidate a simplified CMS, (Content Management System) for muliple users.

Website Design ICM Wichita Area.


Website Design for LaminateWorks, Website Design Kansas City.


Website design that looks great and functions great.

The LaminateWorks website design uses white space to give a simple design an elevated appearance of quality.

LaminateWorks began in Wichita, KS but has since moved to Kansas City and expanded into Dallas TX and Houston TX.

Website Design Kansas City, LaminateWorks


Website Design for Wichita Company.


Website design that doesn't look like it's a content management site.

This is a fun visual website that is easy to add content to.

Website design for Wichita Company.


Website Design for OpenRoad Brands.


Website design that's getting 500 hits a day and it just launched!

The OpenRoad Brands website design is designed for consumer interaction.

Website Design Wichita, KS. OpenRoad Brands.

Tanya's Soup Kitchen logo design is Tanya herself and a bowl of soup in the same image. The Tanya's Soup Kitchen logo design is a visual manifestation or metaphor to show Tanya is the equal of a true artist. Tanya puts herself into her creations, her art, her soup.
In the logo design Tanya's face is the bowl, her mouth is the spoon, her eyes are splashes/droplets and her hair is the steam. All the shapes and lines of this logo where drawn and drawn again then scanned into digital form and re-drawn digitally. All the edges and curves were smoothed and softened to invite the viewer and remind the consumer of how beautifully delicious Tanya's soups really are.
Tanya and the Tanya's Soup Kitchen logo design and brand identity have become interchangeable, recognized as one-in-the-same. All the graphic design in Tanya's brand identity reflects and has become the symbol for Tanya's attitudes and personality. Tanya has become more than a proprietor of  a sheik restaurant, she has become a food goddess and a beacon for sub-culture lifestyles and attitudes. The lines early anticipating a bowl of Tanya's amazing soup often extend from one side of the restaurant to the other and even out of the door. Tanya has become famous in the Wichita area and well know in the highest perches of the food industry.Join the attitude at

Tracy Holdeman is founder and creative director of Insight Design Communications, executive creative director of WhisperNewYork. His logo design, brand identity, website design and graphic design work has been recognized with over 100 national and international awards.

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